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With humble beginnings as a little recording and music experimentation studio in 2016, AG Studios, today has transformed into an undeniable sound and video arrangements studio. Set up by Akhilesh Gogu, simply out of his enthusiasm for music, he has within a short span of time, procured a decent standing for his nature of work. For your great and customized sound video necessities, perfectly tailored to suit your spending plans, look no farther than AG Studios..!!!


Akhilesh Gogu is a passionate music director and sound Engineer with tremendous skills in music composition. He started his career as a sound engineer in 2011. Later, stepped into the world of music as a young music director in 2015. He is best known for his works for a wide range of Telugu albums and songs.

He started AG Studios in 2018 with a passion for music. In a span of 10 years, he has worked on over 500 albums. He composed the trending albums, by which he made breakthroughs in Telugu music. In the same year, he made many innovative and trending music compositions. 

Akhilesh Gogu

Music Director

# Music Director | Sound Engineer


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